Lady Sherlock
I love to make things and look at what other people make. My favorite types of crafts include: felt plushies, embroidery, knitting, patchwork, and mix media.

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Handmade linen moon jellyfish ornaments by awkward on etsy

Miniature Rooms and Houses by Tim Sidford

I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty, atmosphere and sheer design daring present in many historic interiors. I can often be found poring over books on old houses, and on the great designer-decorators of the past. I find expression for this passion by constructing and decorating miniature rooms, creating new designs inspired by the famous or interesting rooms I have read about.” (x)

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Mini paintings on cedar by Cathy McMurray on Etsy


Handmade Typography Artworks by imkf (on tumblr)


Tower of crocheted hippos, ranging from 34 inches long to 5.5 inches long. Bottom four are made by me; top ridiculously tiny hippo made by Dallas.


Boris Klimov is a Kazakhstan-based art director, architect and designer.


Design company House of Ismay’s book brooches feature significant lines taken from well-worn copies of literary classics such as To Kill a Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men.



"You make me feel so young,
You make me feel like spring has sprung.
Everytime I see you grin
I am such a happy individual.”

You Make Me Feel So Young - Michael Buble