Lady Sherlock
I love to make things and look at what other people make. My favorite types of crafts include: felt plushies, embroidery, knitting, patchwork, and mix media.

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Hand-painted jewelry by Camille Chew on Etsy

Aka lordofmasks on Tumblr


Les Cités Obscures by François Schuiten

(via skalja)


Embroidered hedgehog brooches by hanaletters on etsy 

Making some big owls for my shop.


Great news! The “Because my life is dope and I do dope shit” cross stitch has just been restocked in our Etsy shop. The pattern is also still available along with plenty of other cross stitches and patterns.

And as always, we are open to commissions and suggestions for cross stitches you’d like to see!


Jewel toned circuit board earrings all in sterling silver bezels and sterling hooks. the top set has spiral cut amethysts.

The Blue Kraken


Walrus pins complete!

All done the walrus pins, they are available now. They will come in pairs like this, but if you want to mix and match just send me a message on etsy! They are 2” tall and super cute! All hand sewn and made from felt.

Check them out ->